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Experience and Resume of Key Personnel

CEtech was founded by J. Bradley Mason, P.E.

who also serves as CEtech's Director - Technology


The mission of CEtech is to develop and commercialize an improved radioactive and hazardous waste thermal treatment process that overcomes many of the limitations of previous thermal treatment processes. Significant improvements in waste treatment processing have been achieved in the areas of process robustness, reduced capital and operating costs, simplicity of operation, variety of wastes that can be treated with a single system, elimination of fossil and organic-based fuels as process operations are all-electric, lower energy usage, and greatly reduced process and offgas flows.

This Experience / Resume page provides the relevant experience for Mr. Mason who developed the ScrollTherm treatment process for thermal treatment of radioactive and hazardous wastes.

Three PDF resumes are provided for Mr. Mason:

  • Brief Curriculum Vitae - Short Resume (1 pg)

  • Curriculum Vitae - Detailed Resume (6 pg)

  • Patent List (2 pg)

Please click on the relevant PDF buttons to access the above resumes


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